• 23rd of March 2024 - World Recycling Day

    Embark on a meaningful day out in Rotterdam as Retrieve partners with River Cleanup for the 2024 World Recycling Day.

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  • 4th of April 2023 - "Embracing Circularity" Workshop

    During this workshop we will discuss the opportunities that each of us have on our daily life to embrace circular solutions.

  • 13th of April 2024 - Your Marathon Challenge

    Together with Vrienden Van Rijndam Revalidatie, we will participate in the Your Marathon Challenge in Rotterdam.

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  • 14th of April 2024 - Rotterdam Marathon

    Are you ready to run on behalf of Retrieve at the Rotterdam Marathon? We are working on a partnership for this event. More to come!

  • 15th of April 2024 - Circular Run WCEF2024 Side Event

    The world’s leading event for circular economy thinkers, doers and leaders meets Retrieve.

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  • 8th of May 2024 - Alkmaar City Run

    Training together, the tension before the start and the beautiful kilometers over the course will strengthen bonds and push boundaries. More to come!

  • 28th of May 2024 - Circularity Run Upstream Festival

    Founder, investor, or changemaker? Kickstart Upstream Festival (Day Zero) in Rotterdam with us in this awesome edition of the Circularity Run.

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